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Xinfu shows you a guide to fujian children's tableware


Xinfu shows you a guide to fujian children's tableware

    Take you  understand Fujian children's tableware buying guide.

      Fujian market children's tableware brand many, material is also more and more. A lot of parents are hard to judge what kind of tableware of material pledges safety is healthy, what kind of tableware of material pledges suits a baby to use, the small make up of next heart blessing tableware takes you to understand the shopping guide of children tableware.

    1、 Drink water  with  stainless steel

      The advantage of stainless steel cutlery is not easy breed bacterium, good scrub, chemical element is little, appropriate is used to drink water. But it conducts heat quickly and burns easily. And the vegetables that do not have vegetable soup for a long time, can dissolve heavy metal to come out, harmful to the baby's health. The expert suggests the parent is buying stainless steel tableware when, want to buy the tableware of 18-8 code, and should choose the manufacturer of quality to pass, such ability assures quality. And don't use stainless steel cutlery for acidic foods.

   2、Eat with plastic or melamine cutlery

     Plastic or melamine tableware is suitable for the baby to eat using, its appearance is beautiful, anti - fall, not broken. But xinfu advises parents not to use plastic cutlery with too much oil or to keep food warm. And when choosing cutlery, opt for smooth dishes and don't buy smelly ones. Choose big manufacturer good quality for instance heart blessing, it is the safeguard of darling food health.

     3、  Environment-friendly glass tableware

       Glassware is environmentally friendly and does no harm to the baby's body. But its fragile nature worries many parents. So parents are watching, just in case.

     Putian Xinfu tableware co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of melamine tableware and products with many years of production experience,Iinformation fujian children tableware please call the hotline:0594-3555288  website:http://www.xfmnm.com.

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